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DECEBAL si lupul
autor : tihi
Pret de pornire : 100 €
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“The Lady of Butterflies”

Georgiana Draghiciu

“The Lady of Butterflies” Oil on canvas/ mixed media - 50 cm x 80 cm Other details: copper wired birdcage, white tulle and lace, painted butterflies cluster, wood sticks, and different shinny beads. The canvas is cut in the head and birdcage area, in order to give the painting a 3d effect, and to play better with the shadows (from the cut area) and the beams of light, from the shinny details. The story: You sit on your room, doing nothing, maybe watching your favorite movie, and BANG! Love comes and makes a hole in your ceiling, taking your head along with shivers, and hundreds of wing beats... and suddenly, you\'re not the same anymore. Nothing has changed, but your life will never be the same again. Symbol: The moth is the symbol for transformation, self development, and yes, awareness of the dark side of our soul. I\'ve chose the colors red and black, because red is passion, and black is mystery On the left side of the bird cage, we turn the page on, as a change of flesh, and we start to transform ourselves in beautiful creatures, full of light and joy (the right side of birdcage).

Pret actual : 3500 €
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Licitatia expira la : 30-12-2013 00:00:00

( adaugat la 30-11-2013 :: )


The Alchemist
autor : Georgiana Draghiciu
( adaugat la 30-11-2013 :: )

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